Do you offer helpful tips for using the Crayola Sketch Wizard?

We'd like to help you with your Sketch Wizard!  For best results:

1.  Place the unit on a flat, level surface.  

2.  The object to be drawn should be at eye level.  Adjust the surface either up or down to achieve this.

3.  Pull the lenses out and separate them.  See the Tips & Tricks sheet to learn how to adjust the lenses for scene sheets or 3-D objects.

4.  To begin your sketch, place your hand in the center of the page.  Look for your hand through the viewfinder.  It is important to look forward and not down.  Look until you see a ghost image of your hand.

5.  Bring your hand slowly toward the bottom of the page.  Start drawing once your hand and pencil meet the image you want to draw.  

6.  Watch your hand tracing the image until the drawing is complete.

For more instruction, check out the Sketch Wizard demonstration video at