Do you offer helpful tips for using the Melt 'N Mold Factory?

Follow these tips for melting crayons:

1.  Only use Crayola Crayons

2.  Only melt three crayons at one time

Also, if multiple cycles are needed to fully melt the crayon wax, the metal melt tray (where you place the broken crayons) may not be fully snapped into place.  This causes the tray to sit unevenly on the heat plate which in turn causes the crayons to melt unevenly. To secure the tray, follow these steps:

1.    Make sure unit is cooled, turned off and unplugged.

2.    Lift plastic lid.

3.    Remove the melt tray by pushing it back and sliding it up and out of the pivot supporters.

4.    Begin sliding the tray back into the pivot supporters, making sure to slide the tray underneath the Yellow Pour Control Tab.

5.    Use some force to push each tab into the rounded joints. You’ll hear a loud click as you press one side in and then the other. This click ensures the tray is properly in place.  The tray should rest directly on the heating unit with no space in between.

6.    Once secured, turn the Pour Control Knob a few times to make sure the melt tray moves freely up and down.

Need a visual?  Check out our new demo video on YouTube: