What is Color Wonder?

Color Wonder is a patented mess- free creative system of inks and paints, developed by Crayola scientists.

Is Color Wonder Safe?

  • Just like all Crayola products, Color Wonder is nontoxic. To learn more about the safety of all Crayola products, click here.

What makes Color Wonder different from Washable Markers and Paints?

  • Color Wonder inks and paints are clear, and colors appear only on special Color Wonder paper. Kids love to watch the colors magically appear, and moms love the fact that Color Wonder inks and paints will not appear on skin, walls or carpet.

What Color Wonder products are available?

  • There are so many ways to create with Color Wonder! With Color Wonder markers, paints and stampers the possibilities are endless. Find your perfect Color Wonder Mess-Free product by clicking here or visiting your local retail store.

Can I reuse my Color Wonder Paper?

  • You cannot reuse the same piece of Color Wonder paper twice.

Are Color Wonder Refill products available?

  • You can purchase Color Wonder Refill products here or at your local retail store.