Since I'm not located in the United States or Canada, what international location should I contact?

Crayola products are sold through a network of distributors and retail store locations. If you are not from the United States or Canada, please contact the office located nearest to you:

Country/Region  Company Contact   Website


Asia (if country is not listed separately)
Australia Crayola Australia

1-800-657 353
Bangladesh Crayola  
Cambodia Crayola  
China Crayola China 
European Countries (if country is not listed separately)  Vivid Toy Group  
France UK QATC

+33 (0) 1 41 06 54 54 
Germany Vivid Imagination Germany Office

+49 6103459180

Hong Kong Crayola  
India Crayola  
Indonesia Crayola  
Ireland Vivid Imaginations, U.K.

01702 208170
Italy Crayola 
Japan Crayola 
Korea Crayola  
Laos Crayola  
Latin America Crayola

Malaysia Crayola  
Maldives Crayola  
Mexico Crayola

01 800 71 78 222 
Middle East Crayola  
Mongolia Crayola  
Myanmar Crayola  
Nepal Crayola  
New Zealand Crayola Australia

1-800-657 353
Pakistan Crayola  
Philippines Crayola  
Portugal Crayola  
Russia Vivid Toy Group  
Singapore Crayola  
Spain Crayola  
Sri Lanka Crayola  
Taiwan Crayola  
Thailand Crayola  
U.K. Vivid Imaginations, U.K.

01702 208170 
Ukraine Vivid Toy Group  
Vietnam Crayola