Pressure Variations


Change drawing pressure to lighten or darken the color by pressing light or hard with colored pencils.



Use Crayola® Colored Pencils to make a pattern with dots of color (stipple). Combine dots of different colors to mix colors visually.

Cross Hatching


To create the cross hatching effect, fill in an area with closely-spaced parallel lines. Draw lines across each other. Experiment with line size and style: try thick, thin, jagged, wavy, and bumpy lines.

Pencil Tip Side


Draw lines with the side of the colored pencil tip to make wide lines.



Layer one colored pencil color over another to create a mixed hue.

Color Changer


Overlay color with white, black, gray or a complementary color and note how the color changes.

Impressed Line


Cover drawing paper with a sheet of tracing paper and place on top of a thick layer of newspaper. Draw on the tracing paper, pressing firmly to indent lines. Remove the tracing paper. Apply color on drawing paper across these impressed lines and they reappear.

Pencil Resist


Draw heavily to build a thick layer of colored pencil. Paint over the pencil color with black or dark Crayola paint. Let dry, then rinse with water and brush lightly to remove the paint from the pencil surface. If necessary, retouch edges with diluted paint.