Notched Crayon


Use the side of a crayon that has been notched with a knife (by an adult) to create wide multiple stripes with a single stroke.

Soar with Crayon Wings


Lay an unlabeled crayon on a piece of paper. Grasp it in the center and rotate it to create filled-in bows, circles, or "wings."

Texture Rubbings


Create crayon texture rubbings. Place a piece of paper on top of flat textural materials, such as leaves, a plastic dish or door mat, sandpaper, a screen, netting or latch hook mats. Rub over the paper with the side of an unwrapped crayon. Watch the textures and patterns appear.

Rubbings Collage


Tear textural rubbings into pieces. Then glue the pieces onto other paper to become part of a crayon collage, combine the pieces into a mosaic, specific design, overlapping picture or large mural.