Crayola® markers provide a quick, even flow of brilliant color that does not bleed through most papers. Specially designed marker tips, also known as nibs, remain sharp and firm and aren't easily pushed into the marker barrels during usage. The markers remain fluid for more than 24 hours after the caps have been removed. Prematurely dried markers can be revived by dipping the tips in warm water for 1-2 minutes.

Crayola broad line and fine line markers are available in a variety of colors and nib styles. Versatility and ease of use make these markers the most desirable tool for art and craft as well as classroom activities.

Classic Markers


There are many projects that can be made with Crayola® Classic Markers. Experiment with these.

Specialty Markers


Use these Specialty Markers to create artwork with Metallic Markers, Gel F/X, Multicultural, or Color Wonder.