To flatten Model Magic®, place it on an easily cleanable surface and press down with the palm of your hand. Press in several places to make the thickness even.



By rolling the Model Magic® back and forth with your fingertips or palms, you can create snakes, snails, or coils. Stack the coils one on top of the other to build larger shapes. Wrap coils into a bowl for a coil pot.



By pressing your fingertips into the Model Magic® you can make indentations which look like eyes, nose, mouth, or other textured features.



By pinching the Model Magic® with your fingertips you can create ears, noses, tails, or hands. Use this technique to make a nose for a mouse.

Mixing Colors


You can create your own colors by mixing different colored balls of Model Magic®. Experiment to discover what colors result by mixing different amounts of each color. For example, two balls of yellow and one ball of red will make a large yellow orange ball. Another way to create color is to rub a Crayola® marker on moist Model Magic®. Then knead the marker color in with your hands.

Marbling Effects


Mix two or more different colored pieces of Model Magic® together in your hands. Stop before the colors are completely mixed, and you have a marbled effect.