Caring Chain to Stop Bullying

Caring Chain to Stop Bullying craft

How do you stop bullying? These bright paper rings—looped into a chain—highlight kind and respectful ways to treat people. Even bullies want friends!

  • 1.

    Emotional bullies use words and gestures to hurt others. Some bullies use physical force. Make this caring chain as a reminder of ways to avoid intimidation and how to make friends.

  • 2.

    Design paper rings. Use Crayola® Scissors to cut wide strips of construction paper. With Crayola Markers and your imagination, decorate the borders of each strip.

  • 3.

    Write phrases. In the center of each strip, write a way that people are kind to one another: "Take turns." "Use a gentle voice." "Speak up for yourself!" "Offer to help."

  • 4.

    Create a caring chain. Glue ends of loops with a Crayola Glue Stick to create a paper chain. Where can you hang this friendship reminder to catch attention?