Curving Calligraphy

Curving Calligraphy craft

Explore the beauty of Arabic. Try your hand at calligraphy to better understand Islamic traditions.

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    Calligraphy is one of the three elements in Islamic art.

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    Find out more about Arabic calligraphy. You will learn that the shape of the letters changes depending upon their position in the word. Some letters share the same shape but the number and placement of accompanying dots change with the meaning. Some letters or words are written close together, some are drawn out, some are angular, and others curve. The more you study this calligraphy, the more knowledge is revealed.

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    On paper, experiment with Arabic letters and words using Crayola Color Switchers™ Markers. Try variations. You could draw a large letter or outline of a picture, such as a person praying, and then fill the design with writing. Some letters form a picture or design. With Color Switchers, you can add design elements by changing the colors of the writing, creating another layer of illustration and expression.