Found! Sparkling Treasure

Found! Sparkling Treasure craft

Ahoy, mate! Would you like to search for buried treasure, sail on a pirate ship, and swim in the deep blue sea? Make a scene complete with all your wishes.

  • 1.

    Gather up your imagination—you are going on a pirate treasure hunt. Use a recycled shoe box to make this exciting scene. Attach the lid sideways on top of the box with Crayola School Glue. Set aside to dry. The top will become the sky and sea on which to sail your boat . The bottom will be the deep ocean, complete with sunken treasure.

  • 2.

    Pull the red pegs from Crayola Color Wonder™ Glitter Paint and discard. First, make the sky and background for your ship with Color Wonder Paper to fit inside the lid. Tear out a sun and clouds from more Color Wonder Paper. Paint them with Glitter Paint. Glue to the lid.

  • 3.

    Add a rippling sea, a bird flying, even a dolphin jumping out of the water. The Glitter Paint makes the scene sparkle.

  • 4.

    Tear a rectangle into a ship to sail in the sea. Make billowing sails and a pirate flag. Paint and glue pieces to your ship. Use craft sticks to hold up tall parts. Add dabs of paint to the side of your ship for portholes. Glue your ship to the sea and sk

  • 5.

    For the bottom of the scene, tear pieces of Color Wonder Paper for the watery deep. Paint and glue these sections for the ocean floor. Tear and paint an oval for a fish. Paint and tear out tiny paper fish scales. Glue them on the fish.

  • 6.

    Make a treasure chest and fill it with craft jewels if you like. Add torn-paper seaweed or shells. Air-dry your scene.