Murano Floral Paperweights

Murano Floral Paperweights craft

Create a festive floral paperweight. It's similar to brightly colored glass produced in Murano, Italy.

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    Murano, Italy, is a world leader in the production of beautiful glass. Among those objects are the colorful millefiori (thousands of flowers) paperweights, which have their beginnings in Renaissance times. Millefiori paperweights are assemblages of thousands of small slices of floral "canes" of multicolored glass. These canes are long rods, cut into small, colorful pieces.

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    To create your own version of a millefiori paperweight, use Crayola® Metallic Colored Pencils to create many small floral circles on dark paper. Make each flower different, using different background colors and patterns to create a beautiful collection of tiny flowers. Draw circles around your flowers, and cut out each one with Crayola Scissors. Set your flowers aside.

  • 3.

    Find a rock or another heavy object that will fit inside a small paper bowl. Place it in the bowl. Cut a circle of construction paper that fits over the rim of your bowl. Use Crayola School Glue to attach the construction-paper cover to the bowl. Dry. Turn the bowl over, so the flat cover which holds in the rock is on the surface of the table.

  • 4.

    Glue your floral circles to the outside surface of the bowl to complete your millefiori paperweight. Overlap circles slightly to cover the entire bowl. Dry.