Create airbrush art like a pro with the Crayola Marker Airbrush & classic Crayola Markers!

With the Crayola Marker Airbrush, you can use classic Crayola markers to create airbrush art like a pro! The new and improved spray nozzle delivers ink through pressure, giving young artists a fun way to express their creativity. Create your own artful projects or use the included stencils to make signs, designs and much more! Try it with Crayola Bright Fabric Markers for amazing T-shirts or use Crayola Window Markers (not included) for festive decorations on glass!

Load Marker
Attach a Crayola Marker and lock nozzle.

Uncap marker & push it all the way down into spray nozzle. Push lever as far as possible to lock marker in nozzle. Note: Crayola Pip-Squeaks Markers and broad line markers* will have different final lever positions.

Pump the tank
Pump up the air tank.

Twist handle counter-clockwise to unlock pump. (Push handle down & twist clockwise to lock closed). Pump the handle 15-20 times to build pressure.

Spray On
Pull the trigger and spray on!

Hold nozzle close to paper or fabric, pull trigger & spray on your color!

*Use with the following broad line markers: Regular, Ultra-Clean Washable, Pip-Squeaks, Crystal Effects, Window and Bright Fabric

Watch the Demo Video

Turn Crayola Markers into spray-on designs! Works great on paper and on fabric, too!

Look for these Crayola products to create airbrush effects.

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