Stick Puppet Theatre

Stick Puppet Theatre craft

Stick puppets are perfect for some easy, no-strings-attached fun. The curtain is always up for their productions when kids create their own plays.

  • 1.

    Lay an open shoebox or similar size of recycled box on its side for your theater with a Crayola® Glue Stick. Cut construction paper to fit the back and sides of your stage with Crayola Scissors. Use Crayola Markers to decorate scenes. Glue your finished scenes inside your theater. OR paint scenes all around the stage.

  • 2.

    Ask a parent or adult to help you cut a slit across the top of the box (the theater roof). OR cut several slits in different places.

  • 3.

    Now create actors for the play. Draw and cut out construction paper people or animals. Be sure to make them a little shorter than the height of your stage. Color and decorate your characters with Crayola Washable Markers or Crayola Crayons.

  • 4.

    Glue the tops of your decorated actors to the bottom end of craft sticks. Leave enough of the craft stick open to use as a puppet handle. Paint the craft sticks if you like.

  • 5.

    Place your puppet characters onto the stage by inserting the handles of the craft sticks inside the box and out through the slits in the roof of your theater. Move your characters with the craft sticks.

  • 6.

    Write your play. Rehearse it so all of the actors know their lines.

  • 7.

    Write or draw invitations to your puppet show—and don't forget to take a bow at the end!