Kwanzaa Harvest Calabash

Kwanzaa Harvest Calabash craft

Children are enthusiastic participants in family celebrations. Channel their energy and small-motor skills into making this keepsake calabash.

  • 1.

    Talk about the meaning of Kwanzaa, first fruits of the harvest. Discuss the symbols and principles of Kwanzaa and how the holiday is celebrated by African American families and communities.

  • 2.

    To make your own decorative harvest calabash (a dried gourd from a calabash tree), use Crayola® Crayons to draw and color a variety of colorful harvest fruits and vegetables on construction paper. Cut out your drawings with Crayola Scissors.

  • 3.

    Mix equal parts of Crayola School Glue and water. Brush glue mixture onto the inside of a paper bowl with a Crayola Paint Brush. Place each drawing on the wet bowl surface. Brush more glue mixture over drawings until the inside of your bowl is covered. Dry.

  • 4.

    Tear a brown paper lunch bag into small pieces. Attach pieces to edges and outside of bowl by brushing the glue mixture on the bowl and over each piece. Dry.

  • 5.

    Add crayon designs to the outside of your Kwanzaa Harvest Calabash bowl. Display it with other decorative Kwanzaa items.